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Buy Thriving at the Holidays StepParenting Book (affiliate)Are you looking for ways to have a peaceful holiday season with your stepfamily? Thriving at the Holidays: A Stepparent’s Guide To Success is a MUST HAVE resource and will help you and your family unwrap the gift of peace during the holidays. This book offers encouragement, tips, inspiration and personal stories for stepparents to embrace and enjoy the holiday season and beyond!

You’ll also find a list of unique and creative holiday traditions to start with your own family and personal recipes to help you cook up some sweet treats with your stepkids.

“Heather and Gayla want to help your family unwrap familial peace. From stepparent’s living in the trenches this booklet is packed full of practical advice, encouragement, and perspective for your holiday challenges,” – Ron L. Deal, President,


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“This is the best resource available for step-moms preparing for the holiday season! As I prepare for my fourth holiday as a step-mom, the encouragement to manage my expectations and practical ideas for creating new family memories give me hope! Thank you for this book!”-Jan