Stop Fighting Over Stepchildren Issues


If I’ve heard this from one stepmom, I’ve heard it from hundreds… “why is it when I bring a concern about my stepchildren to my husband, he blames me and tells me to be the adult and before I know it we are fighting each other and the concern I have doesn’t even get discussed?” To […]

Do You Have to Agree With Your Husband to Support Him?


“I’m about to loose it. My stepson lies, disrespects me and our house and my husband doesn’t handle it the right way. I feel like this is never going to end until his dad addresses it.  This has become all consuming – all my husband and I do is argue about what to do about […]

Christmas in July. Creating Stepfamily Traditions.


Christmas in July. This is the perfect opportunity for stepfamilies to create traditions and make memories. I’m all about traditions. Traditions help establish a unique identity for a family and create common memories. These two things bring positive benefits to a blended family. One of the traditions I created for our stepfamily is celebrating Christmas in July. I try […]

A Stepmom is a Blessing – My Poem Celebrating Stepmoms


(poem originally published in the May 2012 edition of Stepmom Magazine and posted May 11, 2013 on the blog. I’m reposting given the challenges of Mother’s Day and the need for stepmoms to understand the blessings they bring.) I wrote the following poem to celebrate the blessing that a stepmom is to her family and […]

The Fifth Anniversary Issue of StepMom Magazine


Five years ago, Brenda Ockun launched StepMom Magazine to offer information, support and inspiration to women dating, engaged or partnering with a man with children. Today, StepMom Magazine has become a life line for stepmoms across the globe. If you subscribe to the magazine you know the blessing the words on those pages are. If […]