Meet the B.E.L.L. Pack – Books for Kids in Blended Families


One evening in early spring I was hiding in my closet to pray and take in some deep breaths to get centered after getting some “dramatic” news — you know a typical day in the stepfamily trenches. After I lifted it up to God, I lifted up my cell phone and started looking on Instagram. I was […]

5 Things I’ve Learned About Building A Family

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Today, we are blessed to read the words of Elizabeth. She and her husband said “I do” to stepfamily life with three kids one year ago. In that time, Elizabeth learned valuable lessons about building a stepfamily that she shares  in this installment of the Gift of Stepmom series. Learn from her great wisdom and gain […]

From Heartache to Heart-Filled: A Stepmom’s Transformation

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Authenticity on the journey helps us feel connected. Today, in the Gift of Stepmom series, Shana shares the destructive patterns she saw in her stepfamily and how her family has been restored. Her words are ones of hope and love and will whisper encouragement to your heart. Let’s hear from Shana….. In January 2009 Steve […]

The Heart of A StepMother


All week leading up to Mother’s Day we are celebrating the Gift of Stepmoms! Today’s blessings are brought to you by my friend — Melanie Anthony. Together with Laura Beth, Melanie has written a devotional for stepmoms called Daily Bread for the Starving Stepmom. I’m grateful she offered to share one devotional from the book with […]

This Bonus Mom Takes The High Road and Gets a Great View

Ashley and her family on their wedding day

In today’s installment of the Gift of Stepmom series, I’m honored to share the heart of Ashely. Ashley is a strong and brave woman who loves her husband and stepchildren and works hard every day navigating the twists and turns of co-parenting. Ashely shares the sweet words her husband spoke to her when they started their […]