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Are you looking for strategies to gain peace in your heart and in your home?


It’s what every stepmom wants but what few find in their daily lives. Many women get worn out from the daily stepfamily grind and believe they will never experience true peace. This simply is not true.

StepParenting peace is possible. Let me show you how.


The reality of being a stepmom is that while we are impacted by many people, we have little control over what they say or do. But we do have control over how we allow it to impact our own life. We know that we can’t change our stepchildren, our stepchildren’s mother, our husband or any other person in our life. But we can change how we allow them to affect our moods and overall emotional state. By working on ourselves and learning techniques to navigate through the murky waters of stepfamily life we can gain peace in both our hearts and in our home.

Yes, being a stepmom involves a gamut of emotions from joy to sorrow from respect to frustration. These emotions seem to occur in seasons.  Some seasons of our lives are filled with joy and peacefulness. Times seem easy and all is well with our lives. Other seasons are filled with pain, frustration, unappreciation and a deep sorrow and hopelessness in our souls.  For some, these difficult seasons can last months and for others, each day holds a different agenda and many times we can’t predict whether it will be a good day or bad day.

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