40 Days Deep With Christ: Choose to Encourage the Warrior in Your Husband

“Thank you for being my warrior.” I first whispered these words in my husband’s ear two weeks ago as we were getting ready for dinner on the FamilyLife Love Like You Mean it Cruise. He stopped and smiled. I’ll never forget the way his face lit up. “Wow. Thank you,” he replied. “That is really, really […]

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Meet the B.E.L.L. Pack – Books for Kids in Blended Families

One evening in early spring I was hiding in my closet to pray and take in some deep breaths to get centered after getting some “dramatic” news — you know a typical day in the stepfamily trenches. After I lifted it up to God, I lifted up my cell phone and started looking on Instagram. I was […]

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5 Things I’ve Learned About Building A Family

Today, we are blessed to read the words of Elizabeth. She and her husband said “I do” to stepfamily life with three kids one year ago. In that time, Elizabeth learned valuable lessons about building a stepfamily that she shares  in this installment of the Gift of Stepmom series. Learn from her great wisdom and gain […]

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Stop Fighting Over Stepchildren Issues

If I’ve heard this from one stepmom, I’ve heard it from hundreds… “why is it when I bring a concern about my stepchildren to my husband, he blames me and tells me to be the adult and before I know it we are fighting each other and the concern I have doesn’t even get discussed?” To […]


Do You Have to Agree With Your Husband to Support Him?

“I’m about to loose it. My stepson lies, disrespects me and our house and my husband doesn’t handle it the right way. I feel like this is never going to end until his dad addresses it.  This has become all consuming – all my husband and I do is argue about what to do about […]

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