Why Moms and Stepmoms Should Celebrate Each Other on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day. It’s a day to celebrate women who love and nurture the children in their care. Whether biological, adoptive, foster or step…. a mother and her heart for her family is a blessing. May 8th is Mother’s Day and an opportunity for moms and stepmoms to celebrate (or rather thank) one another. Why? Because […]

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A Stepmom is a Blessing Video Tribute

Today’s post in The Gift of Stepmom series celebrating stepmoms is a video tribute. I first met Nina at our Stepmom Retreat in Dallas in 2013. She shared with me how her husband and two stepsons had taken a poem I wrote and made a video tribute for her. I asked Nina if I could […]


Stepmom Support: When Your Family Finally Understands Your Pain

Get out the Kleenex for today’s post on The Gift of Stepmom. This stepmom, who wishes to remain anonymous, shares a heartbreaking story. If you have ever struggled with trying to help a hurting stepchild only to have your marriage, your relationship with your in-laws and more negatively impacted––this will speak hope into your soul. […]

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Stop Fighting Over Stepchildren Issues

If I’ve heard this from one stepmom, I’ve heard it from hundreds… “why is it when I bring a concern about my stepchildren to my husband, he blames me and tells me to be the adult and before I know it we are fighting each other and the concern I have doesn’t even get discussed?” To […]


Do You Have to Agree With Your Husband to Support Him?

“I’m about to loose it. My stepson lies, disrespects me and our house and my husband doesn’t handle it the right way. I feel like this is never going to end until his dad addresses it.  This has become all consuming – all my husband and I do is argue about what to do about […]

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