I Came In Like A Wrecking Ball…. When I Became A Stepmom

My husband loves to make up lyrics to popular songs as a stress reliever. He joked awhile back that I should re-write “Wrecking Ball” as a stepmom anthem. The other day I decided to google the lyrics. Truth be told… I could relate to the title “Wrecking Ball.” I didn’t think it at the time, [...]

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Submit Your Story to The Gift of Stepmom

Mother’s Day. A time to celebrate moms and the contributions they bring to their family. All moms - bio, adoptive, foster and step – should be celebrated on Mother’s Day yet sadly not all “moms” are recognized for the gifts they bring.  That is why three years ago, after seeing all the Mother’s Day displays in [...]


A Reciprocal Gift. One Stepmom’s Story of Give and Take.

Christy Campbell’s heart blesses the Gift of Stepmom series. While Mother’s Day is over… the heart and love that stepmoms bring to their families lives and breathes everyday. Her story will touch you as she shares how she became a stepmother and the gifts she gives her family and the gifts they give her. Hope [...]

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The Fifth Anniversary Issue of StepMom Magazine

Five years ago, Brenda Ockun launched StepMom Magazine to offer information, support and inspiration to women dating, engaged or partnering with a man with children. Today, StepMom Magazine has become a life line for stepmoms across the globe. If you subscribe to the magazine you know the blessing the words on those pages are. If [...]


Encourage A Stepmom This Holiday Season

Did you know it is National Card & Letter Writing week? I didn’t even know something like this existed. When I heard it on the radio Monday, I immediately thought of the smile on my face every time I receive a card in the mail and the joy I feel when I take the time [...]

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