Nothing But Trouble With This Three Letter Word

Healthy communication is vital for a healthy stepcouple relationship. There are keys to communicating that unlock paths to share difficult things with each other. Those keys are very important to stepcouples who often find themselves discussing concern’s about one another’s children. Just as there are tools to help communication there are also things that erode communication […]

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A Stepmom is a Blessing Video Tribute

Today’s post in The Gift of Stepmom series celebrating stepmoms is a video tribute. I first met Nina at our Stepmom Retreat in Dallas in 2013. She shared with me how her husband and two stepsons had taken a poem I wrote and made a video tribute for her. I asked Nina if I could […]


Stepmom Support: When Your Family Finally Understands Your Pain

Get out the Kleenex for today’s post on The Gift of Stepmom. This stepmom, who wishes to remain anonymous, shares a heartbreaking story. If you have ever struggled with trying to help a hurting stepchild only to have your marriage, your relationship with your in-laws and more negatively impacted––this will speak hope into your soul. […]

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A Stepmom is a Blessing – My Poem Celebrating Stepmoms

(poem originally published in the May 2012 edition of Stepmom Magazine and posted May 11, 2013 on the blog. I’m reposting given the challenges of Mother’s Day and the need for stepmoms to understand the blessings they bring.) I wrote the following poem to celebrate the blessing that a stepmom is to her family and […]


The Fifth Anniversary Issue of StepMom Magazine

Five years ago, Brenda Ockun launched StepMom Magazine to offer information, support and inspiration to women dating, engaged or partnering with a man with children. Today, StepMom Magazine has become a life line for stepmoms across the globe. If you subscribe to the magazine you know the blessing the words on those pages are. If […]

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