Growing in Stepfamily Soil: Bloom Where You Are Planted

“I will grow where I am planted even in soil I didn’t choose.” These words from Suzanne Eller speak to my soul.  I believe they speak to the hearts and souls of many stepmothers. If you are a stepmom, you’ve probably heard the words “you knew what you were getting into when you married a man […]

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Share Your Story: The Gift of Stepmom Series

It’s that time of year… time to celebrate the blessings of stepmoms.   For the past five years, I have been posting stories every day from May 1st through Mother’s Day celebrating stepmoms and the blessing they are to their family. My heart for this yearly series is to inspire, encourage and support my stepmom […]


God Whispers To A Broken Stepmom

“I can’t do this anymore,” I cried from the floor in my bathroom. Laying on the ground and calling up to God, I told Him “I can’t do this anymore. I can’t keep trying and loving and getting hurt over and over again. It’s to hard.” As I laid there in a puddle of my […]

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A Stepmom is a Blessing – My Poem Celebrating Stepmoms

(poem originally published in the May 2012 edition of Stepmom Magazine and posted May 11, 2013 on the blog. I’m reposting given the challenges of Mother’s Day and the need for stepmoms to understand the blessings they bring.) I wrote the following poem to celebrate the blessing that a stepmom is to her family and […]


The Fifth Anniversary Issue of StepMom Magazine

Five years ago, Brenda Ockun launched StepMom Magazine to offer information, support and inspiration to women dating, engaged or partnering with a man with children. Today, StepMom Magazine has become a life line for stepmoms across the globe. If you subscribe to the magazine you know the blessing the words on those pages are. If […]

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